About Elona

elona_woodsFor as long as I could remember I could always feel spirit, I was always different, always in a world of my own. Felt safe in my own thoughts and space. I spent a long time Trying to fit into a world that we are all born to stand out in and was once asked; do you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be? My pathway has taken me down many roads working as; a financial consultant, accountant , acting and many other avenues. My heart always felt empty no matter what job I took. Why were dreams were so vivid? What did they mean? Why did the outcome my of dreams happen in life? Why could I feel energies since I was a child? See spirit as a child? Why could I always feel impending dangers or miracles? Why were we never taught this at school? Then life took a twist and I was forced at a young age to tune into my gut instincts and the lessons in the school of life after leaving home at 15.

I had to learn to make sense of this sixth sense and even though I could switch it off for periods of time because it scared me, it would always return stronger than before, like there was a disconnection from something bigger, which I later grew to learn was from the all that is…. The Divine source, God… By the age of 24 my father died suddenly with no cause of death and I saw him 3 days later in my bathroom. He died because someone directed negative energy through a gift he had received from them for their own personal gain. When I collected his things this gift was amongst them and awful things began to happen in my home and I had to learn psychic protection, and was able to with help clear this negative energy from home, find this item and dispose of it until my home was clear. With this lesson I am able to help so many. From here my path took off. I promised if one could do things to harm others, let me help them clear negativity and do it with love as life is a lesson for everyone and love in all it’s forms the prize. I have had awful relationships but learnt how to detach cords in able to move forward and release karmic patterns and stop attracting In The same stagnant relationships. Everyone you meet you gain from, life is the lesson and those of whom have hurt us the most our greatest teachers.

I learnt how to tune into and read energy, receive messages directly from spirit, read peoples past lives. One of my bigger lessons was falling in love with someone I had only met a few times. I thought I was going crazy. I could not disconnect or move forward they were constantly taking up mind space. It was so hard until I had a past life regression that showed me a previous existence with him, one of which we were torn apart and because he found it so painful was then unable to connect me to me now because his soul remembered but his physical memory could not. Everything just made sense. Ever felt like that? Met someone you have felt you have known forever? Well maybe you have.. I am a Reiki master, I work with crystals and have many hidden talents. After growing up a negative thinker I learnt how to change my thought process and love life…Do you know why? Because life loves you and I. Let me help guide you, whether it be business, love, passed over loved ones with messages so much more.

There is so much beauty around you, let me help you learn to see it. I am an international reader who has worked globally and all over the uk. I use tarot, angel cards and the universal gifts we were all given at birth. I do my job with love and there are no minced words or saying what I think you want to hear. I simply say what I see and whatever you choose to do with that is your free will. Please read my reviews which are governed by a third party website. Looking forward to speaking to you, Love and light to you all. Namaste.