About Elona

My name is Elona Woods and I am an international psychic medium, astrologer, homeopath, Ka healer, Reiki Master, psychometrist. Since my childhood I have been able to see auras, sensed energies, remote viewed and after my father died, the spiritual side of me was blown open at the thought of not being able to communicate with him again. I left my job as a financial consultant, taught myself to read tarot, tuned into that part of myself that could connect with him clairvoyantly and these skills enabled me to be able to help other people, who suffered the same loss that I did. After becoming acutely ill, with no viable diagnosis after many tests, I travelled to Santorini, and whilst at a sacred sight, I mentally asked the energies present to be shown healing modalities that could help myself and my family for the better.I was led to homeopathy which restored my own health and trained to become a practitioner. My passion in life is to be there for people at their lowest or highest points, without judgement and help them to remember that they matter, to remind them that they were always beautiful and that everything they seek is within arm’s reach.
I have used my abilities to help people globally, work at conferences, teach, write courses, hold workshops. I am a mother of three children, who have each helped me to remember who I am, the beauty and innocence that a child brings to this world, helps us to remember our own inner child and always leaves us in a state of wonder.The services I offer are the following; Psychic readings with or without tarot Homeopathy Bio resonance Scanning Aura Readings Astrological reports Tarot Course (Online) Palmistry Subscriptions Lectures at conferences Workshops.
Thank you for taking the time to read my Bio, looking forward to connecting with you soon.
Much Love Elona Woods