Animals and Plant Life

Animals & Plant life
I read an article about a baby dolphin who was taken out of the sea used for taking photos and died. Are we really so lost and disconnected that vanity overcomes the values of life? I can feel the pain in my heart so deeply. In the last century alone we have lost so many animals. The black rhino, Tasmanian wolf, the Bali tiger just to name a few. Do you know that each animal on this planet holds a certain frequency. For example If all the lions were killed then the lions frequency of bravery amongst us all will diminish with it too? We are all one so we need to treat the animal kingdom with respect. I recently sat in meditation and the animals were crying, especially the chickens in the chicken coups with nowhere to put their feet, bundled one on top of the other, no room and just literally egg machines, Sunday dinners, chicken burgers etc.
Pigs in slaughter houses screaming because they can see their fellow brother and sisters being killed. Cows being used as milk machines being bred constantly and then having their young ripped away from them as they are surplus to requirements. The young then killed because they are not needed. Bees dying out because of insecticides but without the masters of pollination how could mankind possible survive?
A single bee may not hold much power but a million of them has even the greatest running in fear. A single man or woman may not be heard but a collection of us standing together can hold enough power to say no.
The rain forests are being cut down in the Amazon. For what purpose? To create soya farms to feed cattle for burgers and beef dishes for the masses. Have you seen how some of these animals are killed? Did you know that when an animal has died in a grotesque way that you ingest the energy of that animal in its last moments when you eat it?
Indigenous people are losing their land, homes and traditional ways. The Amazon is currently the lungs of the planet as the trees there create 20% of the worlds oxygen.
What will it take for us to start caring for our plants and animals. How far do we let this go on. Please let’s stand together and unite as one. Send healing to all the of the different kingdoms in the world whether it be animal, mineral, plant, sea etc. The earth is a living entity and our flesh is her flesh. Humans are not superior to anything living on this planet, we all have one thing in common… We all need to live on this earth. Let’s respect Gaia because without her we are nothing.
I love you Gaia 🙏🌏🌍🌎


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