Awakening from sleep

Sat in a solitary space I start to journey in my mind and I am shown an army general very good-looking, white Caucasian male I was in a plane that had a red circle with a white circle around the red one. I then see a scene of the void it’s like space filled with love and in the third scene was myself going through a tunnel. I then get taken back to the first scene and a familiarity dawned on me and I realised I was that fighter pilot and then he gets shot down and ‘dies’ the spirit of this soldier goes into the next scene of the void has a cleansing in loving white energy and then I almost immediately go through the tunnel in the third scene and the tunnel is actually the birthing canal of my mother and there I was as a new-born baby.
I am then shown images of me before I am now pre life as this great amazing spirit. Then Shown as I am as the same spirit in my current body going through life with great days, sad days, turmoil, need to do this, got to do that, kids, gym the list goes on.
I was shown images of me what I would be like in death and the image was the same an amazing spirit, full of love and light and capable of anything of the pre life image.
I am almost guided by this universal voice that says to me “Elona, you have spent many life times here, going through the same cycle, birth, death, rebirth. This is your last incarnation. You do not need to do anymore research, read any more books because all that you are seeking lays deep within you and if you are present enough you will realise you are already here. The easiest way to live life is to observe thoughts and do not participate in them. Add emotional energy to the thoughts you like and create in that space. The thoughts you do not like let them flow through like a bus you do not need to catch. Live in appreciation and gratitude, expect amazing things to happen and love with all your heart” I then feel like a sense of dying a great deep feeling of it just showered over me. I had reached this point in other meditations and my fear of death petrified me. I was tired of being scared, it was blocking me so I lay there faced with the feeling and something inside had had enough and that all-knowing voice came back and said “surrender” I just knew I had to surrender every material thing I held on to. My body, my kids, my life, my everything and I tried to resist this, tried to deny it. My conscious awareness of being a human would not allow me to let go but I was no longer in control and then being in so much dis-comfort I said ok “I surrender” In this moment I was physically sick and I lay down straight after I watched my spine open, all of my chakras become unblocked shining vibrantly loads of codes looked like they were being downloaded onto my spine and then I was fully connected with the all that is. I was floating above my body looking down at myself. I cannot describe in words how that felt because you have to feel it to know, does this resonate with you? Would you not love to know how this feels…. all I can say is I just knew what this was and I just felt this awakening was that something died inside of me but something new was reborn. The love and enormity of my spirit was unconditional. This feeling doesn’t see problems only lessons, we were born to resonate with negativity rather than unconditional love. No problem was bigger than this frequency of this feeling of sure knowing. The feeling of vibrating with something that was bigger than all of us but we are always connected to gave me great comfort in understanding that my father was completely safe when he crossed over, that even though his physical body was no longer present his spirit will always be there as energy never dies. Since then I have had a really deep flu but my body feels changed, I feel different, negativity cannot sit within me because there is no space for it. I feel light, I love myself more, my body is my beautiful vehicle that carries my soul. I cannot eat meat or fish. My frequency cannot stomach the thought of eating something that was living, and most slaughters are done in a such barbaric way. I can feel and sense that pain I don’t want that energy in my body. I love them too, they the animals are part of this journey and we treat them so badly. As I write this I’m sending healing energy to all the animals being slaughtered. I love you. I look at another and realise the person I view is an extension of the all that is, we are all part of that so that person is another version of me, you, him and her… we are all part of a universal thread…. we are all one. The plant kingdom and the sea world my love extends there too. If I have learnt anything from this experience, I always thought that the one thing that is promised in life “death” was a curse. When you are faced with your biggest fear and you face it, you realise birth is the start of a journey, life is a lesson and death is actually a gift of going home fully reconnecting with all that you already are. It’s like ridding the soul of a really tight sock and just being free from everything that we call reality. We mourn the body maybe selfishly because we love those who have crossed over so deeply, but just as we will never stop loving them, they will never stop loving us and if you can go deep enough you will realise they live on through you always.
Now In this state of mind my journey will continue with Gaia and how I love you Mother Earth. The heavens being my father all that lives in this dimension my brothers and sisters. How I love you all.

Stand up and Never give up

Have you ever had that moment when you are on the floor? Crying tears of despair? Your doctors are not much help or simply do not understand your pain,
your love of your life is in love with someone else or leaving you… Maybe to raise children you had together. The job you went for you never got it and you hate your present role. You do not have enough money and things are getting in top of you. You just cannot see a way out? Your soul is tired of the mundane ground-hog day of an existence where you were born to live in abundance, peace and joy.
You’re in a war-torn existence that doesn’t care about the people only its own ends. You just feel fed up, tired of being optimistic in a world that can at times is so cold and dark. Where all you want to feel is safe and loved.
When you are in this place “Stand up, STAND UP” even if you have no inner or outer strength, even if your tears still roll, even if you have no voice, even if your heart is breaking. STAND UP and know you can get better, do better, find better and be better. You will meet another love, you will find another job, you can earn enough money. That the earth will restore peace in divine time. Find that inner child that believed in miracles because you are a miracle, learn to love again like you have never been hurt, find the enthusiasm that you had when you landed your first big role. Everything happens for a reason EVERYTHING. Pray and go inside instead of harbouring bitterness for situations you cannot physically comprehend because then it changes you. Change the way you view what is hurting you and make peace with it. Take it day by day, step by step. Meditate go inside. Everything outside that is chaos is a mirror of what is chaotic inside. Find peace within yourself the best way you know how. Talk about it, Most importantly love yourself. You are worth it, always were,
Always will be. You are sacred we all are. But NEVER give up. Never be defeated.
At one point
We have all been tested by the best of them, stressed out by the rest of them, but we are always the most blessed of them, as we were not born to fail.
Love to you all


Balancing your energy

The world we live in is so stressful sometimes. There are just so many different areas I can talk about. Money, or lack of, relationships where there is no balance, single parent families, stressful jobs, depression, addictions and so much more. How do we stay balanced in a world that is so full of chaos? What are we doing here? What is all of this about? Are you telling me I was born to pay bills and die? Just to exist in an unjust world where the imbalance of power is great, there are children starving in places all over the world. Abuse happening right under our noses. Sins carried out daily. We complain about changes put on us but no one really stands tall to make a stand. The brave ones that have normally are persecuted. We need to all stand together. I have found that meditation and grounding work has really helped relieve a lot of stress, being in a good community where people love each other, talk openly about their problems and instead of judgement, empathy and sympathy are shown as well as good advice and support. One thing that has helped is changing of diet and foods. I will do an article on this. One thing that has helped me is to focus on the situations and things I want and discard thoughts and feelings to the things I don’t want. We are creators so when you complain you create more of what you don’t want. When you imagine and take action with your thoughts you create things and situations. I understand that entangled emotions cause chaos and tuning into source energy my thoughts are different I want to direct energy to manifest rather than using negative emotions that state I don’t have enough without meaning to do it. Or how bad my relationship is when I can change it. Leave that job you hate. Create more finance by realising money is energy. The more creative you are the more help you get from spirit. Realising your children are gifts and if you really tune into them they can teach you something. Help you find your inner child again. Never forget that you can either choose to be locked out or realise you always held the keys to open new doors. I visualise myself stepping out of a negative feeling centre and stepping into the emotions that I like to feel, pulling myself into a different energy flow, you cannot create with thoughts of yesterday that still create the same tomorrow you must tune into a different frequency like tuning into a radio, this takes you to the higher dimension leaves you in a observation state watching your thoughts because they transmit energy which turns into emotions
Which then turn into visuals
Which then turn into things
Do not allow dualities where you say right I’m going to be a millionaire and the dual thought is but I can’t do it how? When? Let it flow, let it just simply be. Think it then trust the universe, once you trust why would you ever feel negative again?? It simply just is because you’re in the moment. This is normally mirrored by good emotions for a good outcome if you can mix the energy with a deeper love emotion you create miracles because your body is empty and you connect with source. Try something different rather than waking up saying blah ground-hog day! Dare to be different. We all have days when we fight an internal battle and please don’t feel bad, forgive yourself, love yourself, you’re doing the best you can. If you want more opening up in a psychic sense ask the universe to send energy to the parts of the brain you don’t use. Then you can balance logical and spiritual. Ask your guides to show you where your imbalances are and try to release them. When you are balanced, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically you become one with source and you create miracles like you have never seen ❤️

The wrong love relationships

Men and women who do not love themselves
Look for shelter in everyone else
Hate their own company need some form of noise
Look at another to fill in that void
Insecure and unstable no clarity of thoughts
In toxic relationships they end up caught
Seeking in others what can be found deep within
Drifting along like a leaf in the wind
Meeting lost souls who look quite appealing
Creating more stress and karmic dealings
Speaking sweet nothings they think you want to hear
Are broken people always sincere?
I’d rather be single create a love that can last
As a wo-man with no vision always returns to their past

Cord Removal

When we exchange energy with another person we create psychic cords with them. Here are a few examples of how they are connected;
Through sexual exchange we create them between our heart and sacral chakra.
When we are born as babies we create cords with our mothers through our root chakra in order to feel safe and grounded.
When I worked for someone I once created cords with my boss in fear of losing my job and being left financially defunct. Even though the relationship was not balanced I was giving my energy away without realising that I was losing energy through fear of being left with nothing. Because I was so connected to them they mistreated me and undervalued me and I allowed it to happen until I took my power back and learnt to value myself.
Unhealthy cords drain your energy deeply. Have you ever separated from someone you had a sexual relationship with, felt amazing as you have made the decision to be free and then all of a sudden you feel sad, angry or depressed just like that. Without even knowing where this came from? Well when the cords are still connected they send their energy directly through to you through these cords and you receive them.
Have you ever missed someone so deeply and wondered what they were thinking? Then randomly a beautiful love song springs to mind and the words either explain your situation or touch your soul? Well that’s them sending them to you.
Also when you leave a toxic relationship most of us will say “I will never love another like that again. Remember words are like spells hence the word spelling was born. Then the universe will send in another with a different face and name but very similar energy as you created through words more of what you do not want. Until you disconnect cords with the first person that really hurt you, you normally meet clones of who you do not want until you either disconnect and change your mindset or until you learn the lesson.
A child also can really connect with their mother and the root chakra cord will dissolve around between the age of 5-7.
Ever wondered why some children that came from privileged backgrounds when they get older are able to create amazing lifestyles or hold onto the energy? Do you think this is just because their parents had money? No the parents are tapped into an energy flow that creates abundance and the children grow up in this mindset and are able to maintain it. I myself grew up on a Council estate and thought this to be ok until I disconnected cords from my mothers chakras and ways that she thought to be correct to create an amAzing relationship with her losing resentment of lessons that she had to learn through me being the channel to teach her. As parents we all make mistakes and my mother no different. But she always stated you must work hard to have a nice life, her favourite saying was money doesn’t grow on trees. I always viewed financial stability to be something that had to be worked really really hard for. So I disconnected cords from her to change my mindset to what I wanted it to be rather than her teachings that as a child I was forced into.
My relationships with everyone I have disconnected from now are either tolerable if it ended badly because through disconnection I was able to forgive then for hurting me and forgive myself for allowing them to hurt me. I now know that you learn most from pain, so I am grateful to all those who have hurt me as life was the lesson and they are my greatest teachers. Their darkness showed me exactly who I am not.
In a nutshell these cords can drain your energy, dump others people’s pain, pictures emotions and so much more for you to process… This in turn can control you in many ways through guilt,, subconscious messages, intimidation, create fear of losing pictures in your energy field. This keeps you stuck on a low self-worth mind-set or having to earn love through unhealthy sacrifice.
How do you know you have still cords connected? When you find yourself in the presence of a parent or partner who makes you feel drained as soon as you think about them or in their presence, this is the strongest indication you will get.
Some have been taught to cut cords but unless they are removed gently (as ripping them out can cause etheric scaring) they can return.
My method is filling you whole energy field with earths energy and energy from the sun using direct cord connection that I ask you to visualize and I then remove the cords using roses and sealing the energy point so that the energy you are disconnecting from cannot reconnect again. When you cut cords they can reconnect. You can then form new cords. Even if you are removing cords from someone you love but only want the dysfunctional parts removed to maintain a stronger relationship this works too.
I enjoy doing this for people and when I first did it on myself with someone I had no contact with in over 8 months contacted me within two hours of removal to ask me if all was well with me! I took my energy back and gave them back their own and they felt the shift immediately. I was no longer fuelling them from my energy field. This person was definitely a soul mate but we were at different stages and I let them go in love and light. We still speak from time to time but those uncomfortable feelings have now gone.
Let me help you to restore your energy and feel amazing… For more information contact me on email address xx

Namaste Elona xx

Which religion is best?

Which religion is really the best?
Let’s put them all to the test
But wait a minute is this the most important thing?
When on this earth we are all living
We can’t do without her Mother Earth
Which we have all been nourished since our birth
She gives us sustenance food and shelter
Look at the hands we have all dealt her
We need her more than she needs us
But the way we are heading it will turn to dust
Tectonic plates moving just look at Nepal
Those blessed souls taken in the earth quakes great toll
The greed that runs throughout the planet
We treat the famous as Gods no doubt about it
But if we ground ourselves into her core
Which is a crystal where great loved is stored
Send loving thoughts down to the 1st dimension
We will restore much balance I will gladly mention
If we send a cord to the galactic sun
As above so below we will all be one
Let’s reevaluate what’s of importance
Rather which religion is best in a world of distortion
There’s nothing wrong with deep beliefs
As long as we give Gaia some relief
By lovingly coming together
Then we can live on the planet forever
Become one with the all that is
Living in eternal bliss
If we continue to show great disrespect
Then what can we all really expect?
Imagine being her and being treated badly
You rid yourself of the ill and do it gladly
Just sit and know she is in deep pain
We can all make her whole again
If we are one with all then we are one with her
The love that you send out will be lovingly returned

Help save our planet I love you Gaia namaste

Love is….

Love is
Well what can I say, it brings blessings new days.
New energies when combined a new way to play
But if you become too attached it can also bring pain.
So remain in a place where you’re not in it to gain,
You don’t meet another to mould to your own paradigm
Must remain individuals who together combine
Balance in the Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
If any are missing it’s just a mating ritual
But who wants to be 50 and end up alone?
With relationships as lessons like a dog with no bone
To love another you must first love yourself
That’s when you’ll meet the one with internal wealth
You can then build your kingdom on earth as in heaven
With a mutual balance of loving and giving
So what you seek in another fix deeply within
Then the universe will send in your queen or your king ❤️

Wake up and start living

Wake up. You can have, do or be anything you want.

Looking at the tv now what I’m seeing isn’t real,
The only way to view the world
Is what’s inside, how you feel,
Where is society leading us
What do they not want me to see?
Am I missing the spiritual bus?
The one that sets me free?
Where is your heart right now?
Can you quieten the mind?
As if you can feel past your thoughts
Then mysterious secrets will unwind
Show me all your friends
I’ll tell you who you are
Do they lead you to dead ends??
Or show you you’re a star
Take a look at nature
The beauty that is free
This will lead you back to creation
Set your trapped soul free
So many external prisons
Relationships, work, lack of money
The list of these I could go on
Isn’t life so funny?
The easiest way to walk through life
Is to love, direct your thoughts
The moment you feel sad and frown
In the tangled matrix you are caught
Don’t live to please another
Your happiness at stake
As When you find that peace within
from sleep one shall awake

Man in the mirror

Time to make change,
My heart it has felt strange
Routine is killing my soul,
I want to the be the best I can be
But it starts within me
I refuse to walk a path of have to Need to,
I must or if I don’t….
This must change to; I want to,
I can and I will
I stare at the stars
They have no limits
The sky is merely a view
There’s so much I don’t know about I
But if I walk my normal route
I’ll never know my true potential
I’ll try the roads less travelled
Let synchronicity carry my soul
Encourage my heart to feel things I’ve only dreamed of
I am amazing,
My body carries an essence unseen
My emotions when light forever green
I’m finding my boundaries and breaking them down
Only I create my own internal prisons
Time to unchain me
I want to be free
I am free I was born free
Until the world told me who to be
No others opinions can pacify the light within
Only the voice of my own presence can
If I want to win
I must be my own fan
For if I think I will lose I will
But If I Know I can win I can

Re-member who you are – a spiritual being having a human experience

“As members of the Family of Light, you agreed to come to Earth many times – in many guises and in many different time frames – to learn the ropes, to figure out the character, and to become trained. You needed to experience Earth and to prepare yourself for the time when the frequency alteration would begin to occur and you would all incarnate in large numbers to bring the plan into action.
The Family of Light everywhere is beginning to unite. You must all focus on what you have in common, not what you do not have in common. As members of the Family of Light, you bring information to the planet neutrally to stimulate your own growth. You need to do this for your own growth affects the growth of the planet.
Your DNA will evolve from two helixes to twelve helixes. These twelve helixes correspond to energy centres, or chakras, inside and outside of your body. Millions of you on the planet at this time are on assignment, and you have agreed to carry the frequency to accomplish this. Handfuls of you are becoming impeccable, and these handfuls are affecting the others. Soon you will begin to have great clarity as to who you are and what your assignment is.
This process is an incredible evolutionary leap for one to be involved in, and it is going to take place on an accelerated path for the next twenty years. There are those who have already received a realignment of the twelve strands of DNA, the twelve helixes. These twelve spiral strands of DNA interact with one another in the body and outside of the body. The connection of the twelve strands means that the twelve energy or information centres can begin to function and send information back and forth to one another.
Traditionally, seven of these centres are located in the body, and five are located outside of the body. They are commonly known as your chakra centres and are aligned with the spinning of the twelve heavenly bodies that you know of at this time within your solar system – the twelve heavenly bodies that are vibrating, as you recognize them, in 3D. These twelve heavenly bodies are spinning with information: they spin with the chakra systems that go out to the end of the universe, and they spin with the DNA spinning inside your body.
When human DNA begins to rebundle as a twelve-stranded helix system and this information is acted upon, there will be incredible power. Individuals, simply by coming together and jointly intending what they want – jointly becoming a telepathic receptacle for energies from all over the cosmos – will change the face of the universe.
We call the rebuilding process of your DNA a mutation. Once you, as members of the Family of Light, are able to take this mutation into your bodies, you will be able to integrate your twelve centres of information. You will begin to understand that you create your experiences, and you will learn to become conscious creators. More than that, you will become conscious rememberers of who you are.
As your tenth, eleventh, and twelfth chakras begin to open themselves, many off – planet energies will appear in your lives. These energies will occur on this planet as more and more of you hold the higher frequencies. The tenth chakra connects with the solar system, the eleventh with the galaxy, and the twelfth with a place in the universe. As you hold these frequencies, you will bring information onto the planet that will astound and shock most of the world.
There will be a merging of identities, a merging of cultures, an infusion of many “new world orders,” and there will be much chaos and confusion.
As members of the Family of Light, you can simply observe this, knowing that chaos and confusion must come to break down the system so that it can be rebuilt with light. As members of the Family of Light, you can understand that there is an evolutionary process taking place and that those who can handle the changing frequencies by all means will evolve.
Earth is an exciting place to be at this time. It is a good plan, is it not?”

~Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn