We were all born with Wisdom

A poem by Elona Woods  We were all born with wisdom; we were all born with grace, In a beautiful time a magical place, The roads we have travelled as women alike,The lessons we learn as we have taken this hike,

Some choose career paths, some happy at home,

Some go through life thinking, where do I belong?
We walk our paths blinded not sure where to turn,
Settle for seconds not the passions that burn,
Deep within our souls igniting that fire,
Of inspirational futures we truly desire,
A mindset complacent of no better tomorrows,
Each day drags on when living life full of sorrows.
Some in relationships that are working no more,
That has left us so broken, right down to the core,
Others unhappy for various reasons,
But we still stand there stuck; we don’t change like the seasons.
No situation ever stays the same,
So come back into your power no ones to blame,
Life keeps on moving we want different things,
Our spirits much stronger than what the mundane life brings,
Awaken your soul, born with ageless knowing
Remember who you are you will feel yourself growing
When the shoe no longer fits it cannot be forced,
So don’t regret what you have done, do not live with remorse,
Regret what you have not because today is a gift,
With plentiful bounties if within you can shift,
The way that you view life, that’s when it starts to change
When you see problems differently, things don’t look the same
You live your life forwards, but learn in reverse,
So if it all goes wrong, it’s a lesson don’t curse,
Mistakes here to teach, to lead to better roads,
So do whatever it takes to lighten heavy loads,
When you start to listen to the small voice that’s within,
Life will no longer seem so dark or so dim
You will be guided to what is right for you,
When you follow your heart abundance follows through
So look around you right now, there is so much beauty,
We are alive once again; we are blessed new duties,
Of being a mother and raising our future,
But don’t forget the inner child you must also nurture,
Whatever it is that you must do today,
Do it with love, better than yesterday,
Love the only answer; it’s what makes the world turn,
So don’t ever fall short for the things that you yearn
I was one before who looked externally,
But everything I needed was right here inside of me.

Beginners guide to Psychic Readings

Maybe this is your first time having a Psychic Telephone reading and you would like to know a few things about your future or gain clarification around present issues. Hopefully this short guide will help you get the best from your Psychic Reading. Also keep an open mind and remember the whole point of a good reading is to give you some direction for the future. Good Psychic Readers have the ability to predict “outcomes” or things yet to happen, even if it doesn’t make sense to you right now take on board what you are given and watch for the outcome to manifest.

It’s a good idea to have a pen and paper handy to jot down points that are important to you. Don’t feel pressured into agreeing with anything you feel is off the mark, Psychics are only human after all and can make mistakes or read things slightly wrong, we are not perfect. A solid “no” is as important as a “yes” as it enables the psychic to dig deeper and refine or question what they are receiving.

Before you begin the reading have a clear idea of any questions you want to ask the Psychic, don’t give false information to test the psychic, this will only get in the way of the energy flow. If you want to focus on a specific concern then tell the Psychic at the outset, an example would be “I would like to focus on my Love life” or if you want a general reading just ask for that. Most Psychics will ask you at the outset if you want a general Psychic Reading or would like to zoom in on a particular issue.

Often psychics will deliver information quite quickly as they are aware that you are paying for the time premium rate, if you need to, ask the Psychic to slow down a little to enable you to process the information correctly. There are different types of Psychics, some are Clairvoyant (they see)  some Clairaudient (the hear) and some have Clairsentience (they feel). Some use different divination tools such as the Tarot or Crystal Ball, be sure to check the profiles of each Psychic Reader as this will give you a good idea of their abilitiy and gifts. Set aside the time for your reading and ensure there are no distractions, it’s often best to be in a room on your own for your reading. Above all enjoy your reading and the whole Psychic experience.

copyright 2010 Paul The Seer

Tarot Explained

Some of our psychic readers use the Tarot cards alongside their psychic gift in the online psychic reading.  Each tarot card within the online tarot reading represents certain emotions, events or people in your life. An online telephone tarot card reading will help you gain the insight into lifes often troublesome challenges including  issues involving love & relationships, career and work, money and finances, family and freinds

Elona Woods Psychic Services offer live tarot, live tarot card readings, psychic tarot readings, love tarot readings, accurate tarot readings and phone tarot readings, in-depth psychic guidance & psychic readings, clairvoyant readings, past life readings and many others.

Psychic Lovers

When two people are linked by Karma there is often a strong Psychic connection. Have you ever experienced strange co-incidences, texts that cross, you were just thinking about your Lover and he calls, you both say the same thing at the same time. These are all good indications of a Psychic connection and strong Karma. Of there can be a downside, if one person is feeling down or distant the other can often pick this up on the Psychic plane. If you are looking for that special Soul Mate why not ask our Psychics for a special “Soul Mate” reading. Simply ask your chosen reader if they will look into your future and see when “Mr Right” or “Ms Right” is likely to enter your life