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Workshop – Mastering your kingdom


Greetings Beloved Souls
This workshop is aimed at individuals on this journey we call life. For those who are fed up with ground hog day, cannot see where they are going wrong and want to learn different and effective methods on how to work with all aspects of the self, (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual). With this knowledge you can help yourself , your children, your family and loved ones.
I have chosen to do this workshop for two reasons; many of you have asked me to and because after having walked down so many different pathways all of which have been effective to teach me who I am today, some of the pathways I have taken, made me walk in circles until I learnt the lesson. I have now understood that there were ways back then that would have been easier routes to the same destination. I want to share these routes with you.

What will you learn on this day?

Awaken the divinity within
Heal Karmic Patterns/ Debts
Remove blockages
Access your souls library
Timeline Healing

You will learn how an astrological profile can teach us about our differing personalities and how we can learn from this to transcend blockages on a deeper soul level. What karmic lessons have we been born with? Are you aware of yours? Are you still repeating patterns? What can your generational planets teach you about you and what work we can do on unified consciousness level? Where is your wounded healer? Where do your family and friends and career link in with this? How can you discover your souls secrets? Where does earth, wind, water and fire fit in with this? Are you more of a dreamy water energy? Intuitive and emotional, one that spends a lot of time in the I – Magi- nation stage of creation but not much action… Are you more fire? Have a lot of passion and lots of energy but not very grounded. Start a project but does not finish them or acts without thinking?…. Could you be more Earth? Grounded, reliable, great workers with great attention to detail but you plod along because it pays the bills, fearful of change or are you a little too focused on material things? Are you more air? Intelligent, non conformist and flow with the winds of change or does this air take you in no direction fast because you talk more than you act? Why not balance them all?

When you learn and understand what the blockages are, there will be an understanding of different methods that can be used to help heal these blockages on the inner levels and outer levels? What methods did the ancients use? How can plants, minerals, metals and other natural methods help us in the way that helped our ancestors? How can we connect back to the truth of who and what we really are ? Is it really possible to strip away the layers of blockages we have accumulated through this life and past lives and flow more freely like we once did or should have flowed as a child? The answer is YES!

What is the link between the gut and the brain function and how do we keep this portal within our energy system clear to be able to be aligned with our gut instincts and what blocks us from being in tune with this energy flow? Our gut is our 4Th eye. How do we clear this on an individual level? How will this help on a day to day basis and even on a worldly level?

How can we use planetary influences to help us with our day to day decisions that are made in daily life?

What can I expect to get from working with my renewed energy system? How will this new way of thinking and living my life benefit me? How will I know that I am integrating with this new way of thinking?

I will work through these questions with you to give you clarity and insight.

Who can do this workshop?

This workshop is for anyone of all abilities whether you are just starting out, want to understand your limiting behaviour patterns, addictions, depression, broken heart, past life issues, or those that want to explore and integrate with their spiritual side, empaths, psychics, mediums, for those that have had extremely enlightening experiences from gut instincts to powerful prophetic dreams and want to learn to stay in that flow. Some may have worked with plant medicines and want to explore larger parts of their subconscious mind on a day to day basis. Others may want to start working with new business plans or just generally sick of working for someone else and want to understand where there strengths and weaknesses are for starting out on their own. Some of you may be further along the line in development than others but it does not matter. We are all on the same journey just at different stages and its good to be a part of different communities where we all help one another.

There will also be a meditation on the day with singing bowls for you to ground and centre yourself.

If you want to work on having a life that functions at a higher vibrational level of awareness and work with soul loss recovery I am here to help you through this process as an unprejudiced observer. You are the key… you are who you have been waiting for. I will open the door dearest soul but no one can walk this walk for you.. the question is are you ready to start the journey?

Book early to avoid disappointment as spaces are limited.
Please book your tickets –
Tickets are;
£97 for the 1 day workshop.
£147 for the one day workshop and astrological profile compiled by myself in my own unique way for you to access your soul on a deeper level. First 10 get a tarot course written by myself for free, the 10 after that have the opportunity to buy it half price.
There is also an option for a two part payment.
I will also do either a live stream or webinar for my clients overseas. Please email me for more details.
Discounts available for those on benefits please email me for more details.
Save the date 29.07.2018
There will be exclusive offers for those who come to the workshop. Don’t miss an amazing opportunity.
Much Love

Elona Woods


Dealing with Depression

Since the day we were born we have all had highs and lows. Some of us come out of it easily and some of us have difficulty coming out of that state of mind. Depression is really an illness one we should never take too lightly. Please try being as kind as you can and just because that person isn’t dealing with things the way you would please don’t judge their journey. Never say to them “snap out of it” Or “are you still talking about that!” “Why are you worrying? It will sort itself out anyway!”
Just listen, be that friendly ear. Be that loving voice, be the friend they don’t think they have. Show them that the next hour is amazing, the next afternoon, the next day. Even if they don’t respond to your messages please don’t stop, just let them know they are a beautiful being of light. Let them know they are loved and why. If you were low what would you want to hear and not from an egoistic perspective but from the heart. Be that voice you seek, that hug you need, the love you wish to receive.
Postnatal depression is a very difficult emotional time. Whether  you’re in a loving relationship or a single mother in either circumstance it is so hard. Babies are beautiful blessings but trying to handle a small demanding person who cannot yet speak after a difficult and sometimes traumatic birth, learning to find yourself again, the changes in the body and other circumstances is a lot to deal with.
Bipolar is severe character changes, being high and full of energy and ideas one minute and completely depleted the next.
Please don’t give up on our brothers and sisters. They need us.
One thing that can help is meditation especially chakra balancing ones. The chatter of the mind creates many emotions that feel so real. When we feel low it is in spiritual words a separation from source whose energy is there all the time. We are living in a time and space where there is hardly any silence anymore. We are always doing something, watching something. Everyone is just so busy trying to get somewhere, do something, be someone.  We then spend more time either fixing something from yesterday or bettering ourselves for Tomorrow. We forget to live in the now. Those that feel down we put off being there until tomorrow because we feel we have other things to accomplish. Don’t get me wrong, life does get in the way sometimes. 5 minutes out of 24 hours will not break your time bank. Send them prayers and healing.
If you are feeling down and reading this please let me advise you, you are beautiful, your life is sacred, you are worthy and I’m here for you. All of you. We all are. I chose to spend my life in service to others and it’s my pleasure. I love you all. Namaste 🙏