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Learn To Be Your Own Guru

Everyone out there has a message to give. What is your message? Do you follow blindly or do you read, listen and discern what feels right for you? For aeons of time we have been taught that we have to believe something, or follow somebody. What if all we ever needed to follow was our intuition? That little voice inside that speaks to us in feelings? Someone once asked me how many eyes do you have? I said ” four” My third eye to see cosmically, my two eyes to see physically and the one behind my belly button to feeling way through life. Many people are always looking for someone to follow, waiting for someone to save them or a person to do their inner work for them. The only one that can do this is you. You cannot run away from the fact that the only one who can save you is you. You are responsible for your own happiness. We all have issues, things we must work on, things we have yet to learn. We live In a culture where people can change the way they look by going to the gym or having surgery, numb their pain with drink, drugs or senseless sexual encounters, go on a shopping spree to buy more “stuff” they don’t need. People run away from things they do not want to face but if they just stood still and looked at what they were running away from facing the enemy within, once you have cried, got angry or accepted that this is something that cannot or will never be changed, the part that holds you hostage dies then a new you and way of thinking is born. The guru you seek is within waiting to connect with you.

Work and Business Readings

Work and Business Readings

Work and business dealings is a very big part of our everyday life. Three things affect the way we feel about work.
1. The work we do.
2. The money we earn
3. The people we work with

If one if these three things are getting you down, a resolution is necessary.
Do you enjoy what you do? Are you doing work you love in the wrong environment? Are you just working to pay bills? Are you scared to follow your passions?
Are you not being paid enough for the work you do? Have you not been recognised for your hard efforts?
Does the company you work for value you? Is there scope for you to move forward? Grow? Are you being held down? Are you being victimized? Will I get a good reference? Why didn’t I get the job?
Are you following your dreams? Will I find another job quickly? Will I like my new job? Can I take my job overseas? Am I good enough for a F.T.S.E 100 company?

Business readings

Will my business start to pick up?
I have a new business idea, will it be successful?
I have an option of two, which one will be fruitful?
Am I able to get business investment?
Is my business plan strong enough?
Is my business partner right for me?
What are my options for project management?
Have I advertised enough?
Have I done enough to expect a good financial forecast over the next year? What can I change?

Which director/producer would be good for my movie?
Is my script strong enough?
Will people buy it? Watch it?
Will I be considered for any television and film productions? Which areas should I be looking at?

If you have any of the above questions please do call 0906 400 7962 to pay on your phone bill – 08000567219 to pay on your credit card or send a text to 65556 followed by your question we will do all we can to help you.
You do not need to struggle alone.

Love Readings

Love readings

Love is very beautiful but also very hard work. Have you met a karmic connection or a keeper? Karmic connections are there to teach us. We have a huge connection with someone, but due to one or both of you having difficult childhoods, broken homes, ex partners that have hurt you can affect future relationships. They are hard work but can work out when both of you work together or the separation disastrous, difficult and makes you feel lost, sad or broken. Keepers are the ones you can spend your life with with little or no effort. You just click. These connections are very painful and difficult. For many various reasons i.e There is a third person involved, you or your love interest are married & Have small children, financial ties and may other restricting factors that make it difficult to move forward. Are these factors blocking your happiness? If I move forward will my children be ok? Will I have enough money? Will my ex partner be amicable? Can things with my new partner work out? There could be religious differences for example you could both be from different cast systems, a major figure in the religious industry that restricts love, even though you feel a chemistry they are not coming forward or saying how they really feel through fear of losing their job or going against religious guidelines. Different religious back grounds or major cultural differences that may upset the family. Living distances is another factor. Financial worries or ex partners that are a financial burden. Over bearing mothers that do not allow their son or daughter to move forward into their own emotional relationships, causing major problems. You or your partner are in a high flying career and may not feel worthy enough or good enough to settle with them.  there may be addiction problems or depression.

There are many of us who have been lucky enough to meet someone who we click with, move on, Marry build a home with and have our 2.4 children. On the same wavelength. We can all have this. We all deserve it.
If you have questions in the following areas; Does he/she really love me? How do they really feel? Where do I fit into their world? How do I deal with their depression? Addictions? What plans do they have for me? What is the potential outcome? Are they trust worthy? Are they cheating? Will this work? Am I making big mistake if I leave? Where do the kids fit into this? Will they be ok? Will I be financially stable? Am I strong enough to do this? Please call myself or my psychic team we will be more than willing to help you with your queries and offer you more insight.


Clairvoyant Psychic Mediums

Clairvoyant Psychic mediums have different ways of seeing things. This has been labelled as paranormal behaviour because it goes out of the scope of the five senses. Clair means clear.
Clairsentient psychic mediums which means to sense things. Be able to psychically pick things up whether it be physical items that have perhaps been lost or spirit that have passed over. This can be what they looked like, what food they liked, mannerisms etc. From this they can sense the messages the passed over loved one wants to give. Animals also come through because they are felt.

Clairaudient is being able to hear the voices of passed over loved ones. These messages can then be given to the person having a reading.

Clairvoyance Is being able to see spirit. The lost loved one and the clairvoyant are then able to communicate to give messages to the person having the reading.

Claircognizant is having feelings of just knowing spirit is there. They can know where they lived, how they died, their names and other factors that would be deemed paranormal.

How do Psychic Mediums Work?

All psychics work in different ways. Some are readers of tarot, or use oracle cards. Oracle cards are Angel cards, divination cards , medicine and healing cards. There are many different types. Some close their eyes and see what their minds eye tells them. Runes are read. There is no right or wrong way.

I will tell you how I work. I tune in to the universal energy by which we are all connected by. It’s a subtle gentle frequency. My way to describe it is there is a natural mystical field we are all connected, the threads of the universe and if you can tune into this frequency you can hear more than our material ears. When I do a telephone reading I listen to the persons voice and I am able to tune in with tones, mannerisms of speaking, the energy they omit. I can pick up how they feel because my heart opens up to be able to feel their frequency through love. Through this I can then determine how to present information to the person in question. We do not all think the same. Some like information presented in a blunt manner, others are softer and you can still tell them things but you just have to choose your words in a way that they can digest things. During a reading spirit of deceased loved ones or guides will sometimes come through without being promoted and give me messages for their loved one. This all depends on how relaxed, open and spiritually open a person in. I can read for really open or closed people. I use tarot and divination cards. I tell you what I see and what you do with that information is down to you. I will never tell you which way to go because what may work for me, or others may not work for you. Your reading is unique to you and I am here to help you understand your choices, where and how you can move forward. From being able to tune into your frequency I can the pick up others that are within your energy field, whether it be a family member, work colleague, relationship question or anything that really is aligned with your frequency. I am able to tell you what they are thinking or feeling at this present moment, where they are in life and where you fit into these plans. From tuning into their frequency I am then able to feel who is in their frequency and so forth, this is when I can pick up infidelity or a potential proposal. If a company wants to make someone redundant, or offer a promotion and any other life frequency. It’s a perpetual ability of fine tuning.
Why can I do this? One day we come to realise we are all connected and I talk to you as another part of me as we are not separate we just look different. We are all connected to source. When I see someone to do a face to face reading I use the same techniques but I also look at the palms and see what their hands say. If I feel there are negative cords that block the person moving forward I will remove these. I can teach those I do telephone readings for how to do this if I feel a blockage. Every reading presents information that comes to me that my guides show me to share with you. You can ask as many questions as you choose to. I pull a general reading to find out where you are, where you have been, potentially where you are going. The beauty about it all is you are the master of your ship, so if hear something that has the opportunity to come up in the future that you do not like. YOU have the power to change it. Psychic readings are there as a guide and all a good psychic reader wants to do is help you. We They will never tell you what to do.
We are here to help you 🙏


What is Psychic Development?

All of us are born with intuition which simply means knowing without conscious reasoning. Some are able to tap into this from an early age. Others learn this when we feel something amazing is going to happen and we follow that hunch and it does. Like for instance a job offer comes up and it may not be exactly what you are looking for but you go because something without conscious reasoning feels right and you end up with the job of your dreams. You may be called to go out somewhere last minute even though you were not prepared for it, intuitively you go and you end up meeting your life partner. Another way to learn is feeling like something bad is going to happen and we either listen to it then find out after through conversation that our instincts were right. Or we act in the moment without listening and something bad happens. Have you ever needed to do something or be somewhere and a tiny little voice inside screams at you and says “No don’t do it” you do it anyway and it ends up disastrous? Met someone and your tiny voice says “Be wary” you don’t listen the person says or does the right things and you drown that tiny voice out and the relationship end up nightmare? These are signs of your third eye opening up which then teaches you to start flowing with life. When we start to follow these “hunches” synchronised moments start to occur, life just flows for you like a river. The more we tap into this power for ourselves through psychic development we are then able to help others. Some of these methods are;


This quietens the constant chatter of our minds and allows us to be more at peace within. Through meditation you are able to understand the mind, learn about how you think and turn negative thoughts into positive ones.
Buddhist meditation is a variation of techniques that helps one to develops temperance, concentration, insight, a tranquil state of being, treat our brothers and sisters as we would ourselves. Tapping into the universal mind and understanding we are all one.

Buddha quote “Meditation brings wisdom, lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back then choose the path that leads to wisdom.”
Meditation for beginners can be quite difficult. If you have never done this before, the mind has much to say especially if you are in high Powered jobs, have children and other time consuming commitments, have to be in a place of doing all the time. So as a beginner guided meditations always work well to lead you to a path where you learn to meditate with no guidance.

Being in the moment.

As soon as we wake up our minds start to think. Learn to just be. If you are brushing your teeth focus of the brushing not the thinking of if I don’t hurry up I’m going to be late. If your walking focus on your breathing and on the sounds of your steps, if your in the bath focus your energies on your third eye (more details of what this is later) What ever it is you are doing, just do that let your thoughts float past and observe them but don’t become them. A great book for this is The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle.


There are many types of yoga. All are simply amazing but an example of one that will really help is;
Kundalini yoga – Called by practitioners “the yoga of awareness”, it aims “to cultivate the creative spiritual potential of a human to uphold values, speak truth, and focus on the compassion and consciousness needed to serve and heal others.” Wikipedia

Balancing the chakras

We have 7 different energy points on the body

1. Root chakra which is red in colour and deals with is feeling grounded, safe. “I am”

2. The sacral chakra which is orange in colour This deals with sensuality and sexuality “I feel

3. Solar plexus which is yellow in colour and deals with self image and personal strength “I do”

4. The heart chakra which is green and deals with the emotion of love ” I love”

5. The throat chakra which is blue and deals with speaking your truths. “I speak”

6. The third eye which is indigo in colour. This is the seat of intuition. ” I see”

7. The crown chakra which is violet in colour. This is linked to pure consciousness “I know”

I will go into more details of these in a blog. When these energy points are balanced we are able to flow through life. When unbalanced it can have an adverse affect for instance if the heart chakra is unbalanced one may find it difficult to love, let go to love or let love in. This affects the other chakras like the solar plexus becomes unbalanced because we feel unworthy and so forth. Making sure these portals are clear and really dealing with any issues we may have truly helps us to feel whole. Some ways to help clear these points is through healing, chakra meditations or crystals.

Everything on this planet holds a frequency and crystals are included. Crystals come in many colours, shapes, sizes and are amazing for healing properties. One can buy a red crystal and program it clear any blockages within the root chakra. Once this crystal is held or worn it will send the frequencies balance the chakra. They must be cleansed regularly so they can keep working on the blockages. If you want to heal the chakras find a crystal healing practitioner or buy the colours of all your chakras, put some beautiful tranquil music on or a binaural beat that repairs chakras or DNA place the correct coloured programmed crystals on your chakra points and let them rebalance you. There are many good books to help you understand crystals one that I use is The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall.

Learning healing techniques

I am a Reiki master and once I became attuned to Usui Reiki my readings really went through the roof. Reiki is a form of hands on healing which can also be done remotely. This taught me sensitivity and then be able to really work on the parts of my soul that needed healing Once I started to feel more whole, I really wanted to help and support others. It became a passion and I really enjoy working with helping others to fix themselves.

Reading spiritual books.
Knowledge is power. So please turn off the Television really start learning to enjoy reading again.
Books that changed my life were The Celestine prophecy – James Redfield
The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
The Bringers of the Dawn – Barbara Marciniak
The Mutant message down under – Marlo Morgan

These are just a few ways techniques to aid with psychic development, the more you learn the more you realise you do not know. The more you help yourself the more you want to help others. The more you tune into these energies and share what you know with others that have an interest, the more the universe will share it secrets with you. It becomes so interesting and sometimes we go out looking to develop ones self but other times it comes to find us. Through crazy dreams that wake us up and crazy o’clock and we have no idea why? Or sleep deprivation patterns that exhaust us one way or another. We become intolerant to certain foods, old lifestyle habits, jobs, partners. Find it difficult to be around people that are living or being a certain way. Ways that you have outgrown. Please do one thing, don’t judge others that think and feel differently to you. They haven’t changed but you have. Regardless of where we are on our journey we are all beautiful. We all develop at a pace that is right for us. Just because someone is further along the journey than you are, never feel inferior and never stop learning. If you are further ahead, do understand we are all on the journey heading home, in the same direction just at different stages. Be a sponge to the right information and if you get stuck mentally ask the universe “what now? Which way is right for me?” Then trust as the universe never fails.

Animals and Plant Life

Animals & Plant life
I read an article about a baby dolphin who was taken out of the sea used for taking photos and died. Are we really so lost and disconnected that vanity overcomes the values of life? I can feel the pain in my heart so deeply. In the last century alone we have lost so many animals. The black rhino, Tasmanian wolf, the Bali tiger just to name a few. Do you know that each animal on this planet holds a certain frequency. For example If all the lions were killed then the lions frequency of bravery amongst us all will diminish with it too? We are all one so we need to treat the animal kingdom with respect. I recently sat in meditation and the animals were crying, especially the chickens in the chicken coups with nowhere to put their feet, bundled one on top of the other, no room and just literally egg machines, Sunday dinners, chicken burgers etc.
Pigs in slaughter houses screaming because they can see their fellow brother and sisters being killed. Cows being used as milk machines being bred constantly and then having their young ripped away from them as they are surplus to requirements. The young then killed because they are not needed. Bees dying out because of insecticides but without the masters of pollination how could mankind possible survive?
A single bee may not hold much power but a million of them has even the greatest running in fear. A single man or woman may not be heard but a collection of us standing together can hold enough power to say no.
The rain forests are being cut down in the Amazon. For what purpose? To create soya farms to feed cattle for burgers and beef dishes for the masses. Have you seen how some of these animals are killed? Did you know that when an animal has died in a grotesque way that you ingest the energy of that animal in its last moments when you eat it?
Indigenous people are losing their land, homes and traditional ways. The Amazon is currently the lungs of the planet as the trees there create 20% of the worlds oxygen.
What will it take for us to start caring for our plants and animals. How far do we let this go on. Please let’s stand together and unite as one. Send healing to all the of the different kingdoms in the world whether it be animal, mineral, plant, sea etc. The earth is a living entity and our flesh is her flesh. Humans are not superior to anything living on this planet, we all have one thing in common… We all need to live on this earth. Let’s respect Gaia because without her we are nothing.
I love you Gaia 🙏🌏🌍🌎

Cosmic ordering

What is cosmic ordering? How is it done?

I don’t feel this is just people I have spoken to recently but everyone is fed up of Groundhog Day. Sitting in a what feels like a slave farm working for pittance that barely pays bills, spending more time in an environment with people they would rather not be around picking up that energy and wanting to be able to spend more time with their families. Being told what to do by someone who earns fifty pence more an hour than you and has taken leadership too far. Studying something they are not even sure they will even get a job at the end of it or it was not what it said on the tin. Soon to be debt ridden and working the rest of your life to pay back student loans. Sitting on benefits because childcare is impossibly expensive, the fear of leaving children doesn’t feel right or financially you are no better off. Life just feels stuck right now and a lot of people are not happy. The last week or two has been emotionally hard because nothing feels like it’s shifting and mentally it becomes draining because you go to sleep to find yourself in this draining time loop wanting to escape this prison.
Please don’t worry something is shifting, people cannot stand this feeling of just being a name and number, clock in to clock out, building someone else’s dream because something tells them inside we are greater than this. Worth more than this. Humanity is tired of this great financial injustice. The divide between rich and poor too great. Many of my brothers and sisters that I have met on my journey are surrendering and trusting in the universe.

People are turning to Cosmic ordering and having opportunities presented to them or setting up new businesses. Cosmic ordering is based on positive thinking. Writing down what it is you seek. You then know and believe inside that what you seek is yours.  This can also be done through positive affirmations, visualisations, vision boards. The universe listens to you and when you fully trust your prayers are answered. The magic is believing. The Secret is a great book to read to help you learn how to do this.  Even though the start-up can be hard work, it takes a while for the turnaround to be productive nothing is harder than being stuck somewhere you don’t feel like you belong don’t want to be and don’t get paid enough to feel this way. If you have been in this space recently please hang on in there, many rays of light are hitting the planet right now from the etheric realms and its forcing people to wake up on a massive scale, it may feel like you’re weepy, fed up, sad or lost…. dare to trust that voice within it will guide you to where you are supposed to be. Life will never be the same again but this time positively.

Namaste ❤️

Awakening from sleep

Sat in a solitary space I start to journey in my mind and I am shown an army general very good-looking, white Caucasian male I was in a plane that had a red circle with a white circle around the red one. I then see a scene of the void it’s like space filled with love and in the third scene was myself going through a tunnel. I then get taken back to the first scene and a familiarity dawned on me and I realised I was that fighter pilot and then he gets shot down and ‘dies’ the spirit of this soldier goes into the next scene of the void has a cleansing in loving white energy and then I almost immediately go through the tunnel in the third scene and the tunnel is actually the birthing canal of my mother and there I was as a new-born baby.
I am then shown images of me before I am now pre life as this great amazing spirit. Then Shown as I am as the same spirit in my current body going through life with great days, sad days, turmoil, need to do this, got to do that, kids, gym the list goes on.
I was shown images of me what I would be like in death and the image was the same an amazing spirit, full of love and light and capable of anything of the pre life image.
I am almost guided by this universal voice that says to me “Elona, you have spent many life times here, going through the same cycle, birth, death, rebirth. This is your last incarnation. You do not need to do anymore research, read any more books because all that you are seeking lays deep within you and if you are present enough you will realise you are already here. The easiest way to live life is to observe thoughts and do not participate in them. Add emotional energy to the thoughts you like and create in that space. The thoughts you do not like let them flow through like a bus you do not need to catch. Live in appreciation and gratitude, expect amazing things to happen and love with all your heart” I then feel like a sense of dying a great deep feeling of it just showered over me. I had reached this point in other meditations and my fear of death petrified me. I was tired of being scared, it was blocking me so I lay there faced with the feeling and something inside had had enough and that all-knowing voice came back and said “surrender” I just knew I had to surrender every material thing I held on to. My body, my kids, my life, my everything and I tried to resist this, tried to deny it. My conscious awareness of being a human would not allow me to let go but I was no longer in control and then being in so much dis-comfort I said ok “I surrender” In this moment I was physically sick and I lay down straight after I watched my spine open, all of my chakras become unblocked shining vibrantly loads of codes looked like they were being downloaded onto my spine and then I was fully connected with the all that is. I was floating above my body looking down at myself. I cannot describe in words how that felt because you have to feel it to know, does this resonate with you? Would you not love to know how this feels…. all I can say is I just knew what this was and I just felt this awakening was that something died inside of me but something new was reborn. The love and enormity of my spirit was unconditional. This feeling doesn’t see problems only lessons, we were born to resonate with negativity rather than unconditional love. No problem was bigger than this frequency of this feeling of sure knowing. The feeling of vibrating with something that was bigger than all of us but we are always connected to gave me great comfort in understanding that my father was completely safe when he crossed over, that even though his physical body was no longer present his spirit will always be there as energy never dies. Since then I have had a really deep flu but my body feels changed, I feel different, negativity cannot sit within me because there is no space for it. I feel light, I love myself more, my body is my beautiful vehicle that carries my soul. I cannot eat meat or fish. My frequency cannot stomach the thought of eating something that was living, and most slaughters are done in a such barbaric way. I can feel and sense that pain I don’t want that energy in my body. I love them too, they the animals are part of this journey and we treat them so badly. As I write this I’m sending healing energy to all the animals being slaughtered. I love you. I look at another and realise the person I view is an extension of the all that is, we are all part of that so that person is another version of me, you, him and her… we are all part of a universal thread…. we are all one. The plant kingdom and the sea world my love extends there too. If I have learnt anything from this experience, I always thought that the one thing that is promised in life “death” was a curse. When you are faced with your biggest fear and you face it, you realise birth is the start of a journey, life is a lesson and death is actually a gift of going home fully reconnecting with all that you already are. It’s like ridding the soul of a really tight sock and just being free from everything that we call reality. We mourn the body maybe selfishly because we love those who have crossed over so deeply, but just as we will never stop loving them, they will never stop loving us and if you can go deep enough you will realise they live on through you always.
Now In this state of mind my journey will continue with Gaia and how I love you Mother Earth. The heavens being my father all that lives in this dimension my brothers and sisters. How I love you all.

Stand up and Never give up

Have you ever had that moment when you are on the floor? Crying tears of despair? Your doctors are not much help or simply do not understand your pain,
your love of your life is in love with someone else or leaving you… Maybe to raise children you had together. The job you went for you never got it and you hate your present role. You do not have enough money and things are getting in top of you. You just cannot see a way out? Your soul is tired of the mundane ground-hog day of an existence where you were born to live in abundance, peace and joy.
You’re in a war-torn existence that doesn’t care about the people only its own ends. You just feel fed up, tired of being optimistic in a world that can at times is so cold and dark. Where all you want to feel is safe and loved.
When you are in this place “Stand up, STAND UP” even if you have no inner or outer strength, even if your tears still roll, even if you have no voice, even if your heart is breaking. STAND UP and know you can get better, do better, find better and be better. You will meet another love, you will find another job, you can earn enough money. That the earth will restore peace in divine time. Find that inner child that believed in miracles because you are a miracle, learn to love again like you have never been hurt, find the enthusiasm that you had when you landed your first big role. Everything happens for a reason EVERYTHING. Pray and go inside instead of harbouring bitterness for situations you cannot physically comprehend because then it changes you. Change the way you view what is hurting you and make peace with it. Take it day by day, step by step. Meditate go inside. Everything outside that is chaos is a mirror of what is chaotic inside. Find peace within yourself the best way you know how. Talk about it, Most importantly love yourself. You are worth it, always were,
Always will be. You are sacred we all are. But NEVER give up. Never be defeated.
At one point
We have all been tested by the best of them, stressed out by the rest of them, but we are always the most blessed of them, as we were not born to fail.
Love to you all


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