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Free your MIND and let it go

The I am presence is already free,
We are all source energy,
Realise you are not the mind, 
Then no more problems you will find,
Live in the NOW it’s all we need,
From the ego to be freed,
A master mind you will become,
With source energy we are one,
Free your mind and let it go,
Find light within and let it flow,
Feel simply love throughout your day,
Respect all with a NAMASTE
Do the things you want to do,
Listen to your heart and follow through,
Observe your thoughts let them pass,
Observe emotions of any class,
Watch them both from a no mind state,
Then the “I am presence” can now create,
Peace on earth as Above so Below,
Know thyself and let love grow ❤️

Living in the Now A short story

A man named Josef went to Barbados on a short trip and whilst there went to a beach to explore the natural treasures of the Island. Whilst absorbing the light filled Rays of the sun, he saw a fisherman and was completely blown away by the fisherman’s ability. He had skills he had never witnessed and beautiful fishing articulation. So amazed he would go for a few more days just to watch until one day he was brave enough to approach him. He said to the fisherman “Dear friend I have watched you fish for days and so amazed by what I see I would love to offer you the opportunity to come to London and teach others to fish just like you, be amazing just like you. This offer would secure you a financial 6 figure deal. Make you a millionaire. How do you feel about that? The fisherman replied ” Thank you for your kind offer, I have just one question; After I have made my millions what then?” Josef responded ” why you can do anything you want, you will be a millionaire, you could even return here and live this life again but just more financially abundant” the fisherman responded “why would I go to all that trouble for money when everything I need is right here IN THE NOW? Go to England to make money to come back and live the life I’m already living? I love my life so I am already rich. Thank you kind sir for the offer.” The moral of the story look around you right now, you are already rich. Look at all the things money can’t buy… Are you not lucky? The past is history the future is a mystery to future is a gift that’s why it’s called the present. Enjoy today it’s all we have. Namaste ❤️

Signs of Enlightenment My Journey

This alone is one if the most difficult journeys one can take and must really be done alone. My journey and yours will differ because we are different and are amazing in different areas but need work on other areas.
My first Big Bang was as a child seeing spirit and my vivid dreams.
Every Wednesday as a child I would always think I would get into trouble every Wednesday I did.
I came from an oppressive back ground that women had one role and men had another. These relationships would remain until I connected with the Pleiadians and they taught me how to clear it.
Arguing with a friend and her losing all respect for me as I had wronged her and I felt my solar plexus blew open completely.
A friend dying and asking me through the aether to do something for him I swore and said no and my whole house was in darkness. They had blown a physical fuse as I blew them out spiritually.
Dreaming about my boyfriend cheating and being right every time. (Opening up psychically)
Seeing my dad three days after he died. He died from Black Magic. Having to learn how to spot this and release the energy back to source where Karmic debt us not due.
Understanding there are no coincidences.
Recognising I kept attracting in the same kind of man as my father, clones of him, never really showed love, put me down, made me fight for his approval and lost my self-worth. Learning how to clear this. Also attracting in clones of people I had hurt or had hurt me and had to work the differences out.
Kept on seeing spiritual stuff and delving into it and would scare me so I stopped then something would draw me back in after 6 months and the gaps got closer until being spiritual is now my way of life.
Losing so many friends, thought I was weird or I didn’t have interest in drama, t.v shows the things of the norm. I just didn’t fit In. Not fun judging people or laughing at them.
Difficulties being in relationships. I didn’t want to assume a role, be controlled or control. I wanted to just be. No lies, deceit just oneness. Hard to find in the matrix or maybe I have to work in myself more.
Stopped watching T.V
Trying to find God through religions and it not working.
Reading confessions of an an Economic Hitman by John Perkins and realising that most if not all economies in the world owned by world bank.
Reading Tranceformation America by Cathy O’Brien and seeing what my favourite pop stars had to endure this get there. I was devastated. I know so many kids who want to be pop stars but have no clue if the what they must go through.
Suddenly realising everything is staged or owned by someone in power. No one is actually free until one frees themselves. Seek the truth and be set free.
Everyone is waiting for someone to save them but we are our own super heroes.
Reading the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield and his series of books. Learning about energy, stopped eating meat, that book changed my life.
Walking away from a career I hated but it paid the bills. I was so scared and didn’t surrender so ended up broke for ages. Didn’t believe in myself. Holding on to old values.
Reading the Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak and understanding we are multi Dimensional beings. Another book that changed my life.
Tuning into crystals, using more herbs, appreciating Mother Nature and travelling.
Losing my house, car, job in the space of a year and being forced to find a new way to think. I was living through ego rather than real self. This hurt so bad. I was still holding on to old values felt like I was dying inside and one day I just surrendered. Read the book of Ra.
Went back to old haunts to release unwanted energy or just to be thankful for what I was taught.
My eating habits keep changing, currently only want raw foods. The more uncooked foods I eat the closer I become to source. Easier to connect as cooked food makes you dense and locks you into the third dimensional realms.
Reading Alchemy of the 9 dimensions by Barbara Hand Clow and having a bigger understanding of dimensions especially of the 5th dimension.
Keep seeing recurring numbers like 11:11 22:22 look up what these mean in Google will help you.
Thinking things and then happening
Coincidences and luck just being amazing looking for more as it’s so fun.
Walking a shamanic path after being in the secular business world. Learning not to care about people’s judgements.
Learning to read people using tarot, psychometry, talking to spirit, past life regression which showed me I was shamanic all my life times. 5 rhythms dancing. Travelling to Stonehenge.
Becoming a Reiki Master.
Mexico blowing me open and having an aura picture printed after to show my Mexican head dress of a past life.
After reading The Pleiadian workbook by Amorah Quan Yin doing the exercises that blew me open again. I felt so much pain of letting go. Tearful, angry, happy, sad, elated all sorts of emotions.
Meditating and my spine tingling my head feeling like it was going to explode and the energy surge stopping in my Heart Chakra and me realising that I had so much pain stored there the cosmic light is releasing it.
Having body aches for example in my knees and this being after not wanting to let go of past relationships and situations. Meditating and using cosmic light and my healing powers to rid of the pain. Self healing.
Understanding that physical illness is where something is spiritually wrong with you. In order to cure the body one must cure the mind and before that the emotional body and the soul.
Looking up what physical illness meant spiritually. ( Louisa Hay good for this)
Learning to work with the medicine wheel of the ancient red Indians. Balancing yourself in the following ways;
Physical side of yourself is the Inner nurturer (Prayer Direction South)
The emotional side of yourself is the Inner Child (Prayer Direction West)
The Mental side of yourself is the Inner Warrior (Prayer Direction North)
The spiritual side of yourself is The Inner spirit (Prayer Direction East)
Using the medicine wheel to learn to pray in four different directions. Understanding why this helps from the 9 Dimensions of Alchemy.
Understanding that Mother Earth’s core is a crystal. Learning to connect with Her.
Tuning into other energy sources I.e Sirians, Andromedans, Arcturians, Master healer Jesus, Pleiadians so much more.
Understanding I am energy.
Meditating and feeling earths core being able to sit with her and feel nothing but peace and gratitude.
When I meditate Sometimes I rock gently, violently my body has all sorts of spasms.
I will update you as I go on.
As lonely As it is as much as it hurts I can’t go back to who I was as the ego and the I am presence are 2 different forces.
The more you meditate the more you can differentiate the two.
We are spirit having a human experience when it gets hard you are resisting so just let it flow. It’s only hard if you think it is.
We are all in this together changing for the better; our lives are heading for deeper fulfillment and purpose. As you do you will find different ways to pass the time and may not enjoy things you have always done as much anymore. It’s fine, new pastimes will interest you just be open to what comes your way.


Why Does God Punish me

I Was asked today why does our creator punish me? I believe with all my heart of a higher power, God, Allah, Yahweh what ever name works for you. We are not punished, the moment you feel punished you have disconnected from source. When connected you gain strength, wisdom, joy, unconditional love, laughter, solutions and so much more. When stuck in the past one becomes depressed, when stuck in the future one becomes anxious, so enjoy the now, that’s why it’s called the present. Dark times are only there to show you who you are not, you will never lose, you only win or learn how to win. Force nothing as Time determines who we meet in our life, your heart decides who you want in your life, behaviour and determines who stays in your life. Why worry? Everything will be ok in the end and if it’s not ok then it’s not the end.. Have faith dear one spend everyday enjoying your gift. Namaste

Time to fly and Live your dream…

imageWhen your heart is no longer in a job, career, relationship, friendship, etc this is the start of your angels helping you find another way, some will stand by the cliff edge and they will make excuses, I should be grateful, there are others worse off than me, and so forth. They stay to exist, to pay the bills, if I leave them it will destroy them, even though by staying I destroy myself. Then one random day the universe pulls the carpet from under you and you are forced to make change, normally painfully. Deep down you knew it was coming and the outcome normally always ends up better than expected. The brave knew to surrender and even though they were scared of the unknown they closed their eyes and just believed… walked off the cliff edge and were taught how to fly.. Take a chance

Soul mate connections…. A twist of fate in love






You meet that one person, where you are not meant to be,
Or was it a case of synchronicity?
First kiss touches your soul, sets something free,
Shows you how love can flow effortlessly,
Then it all goes wrong was not meant to be,
A clashing of egos, it’s now I and not we,
Your friends say leave her, you are too good for she,
You saw something in her, she or they couldn’t see,
Full moons and seasons pass dutifully,
One day you find out she met a new he,
In a twist of fate the love runs through them so deeply,
She found that side you saw, amazingly,
You are glad she is settled but at first selfishly,
Wish you were her one, soul mates, destiny
Then you realise the universe will send in for thee,
Your one who will love you unconditionally.

Messages and signs from heaven

Have you ever gone to bed and woken up the day after or 4am crazy hour after having dreamt about your passed over mum, dad, brother, sister, grandparents etc. As a comfort to you, when we sleep our spirit leaves our bodies and goes on its own little adventures. Our loved ones who miss us deeply too, come to meet us. We receive hugs, messages, kisses and even them letting us know they have arrived safely over to the side. They come to us sometimes at our lowest points to tell us to stand up, do not give up and other encouraging messages. I have also found that small children can still see them and hear them. They receive messages, have the tendency to misbehave as granddad knows what will annoy you and get them to do that one thing. Look out for smells of them, cold spots by your legs and body, pets playing with no one, babies smiling and cooing to no one, feathers and pennies from them left in random places and your guardian angels. Things moved around the home and hidden from you. Doors closing. Songs that remind you of them just suddenly playing in your head. Gone crazy television channels that keep flicking. Another  time is Near death experience. I knew a victim of a car crash whose already deceased mum told him to wait for the ambulance and she would await his arrival at the hospital, when he came around he asked for his mum and my family and I him to tell him she had passed over. He cried at the comfort of knowing in his hour of need she had never left him. We cried because we were not  there at the  time of the accident, grateful that she was and her confirmation of life after death.  If your nervous as to whether its them or  you think it may be them but a bit scared, always ask ” if you are not of the light I ask that you leave now and so it is” say this three times and if its not light energy then whatever was there will leave . Try not be scared of loved ones, remember they miss you too. Its such a  joy for me passing messages on from them to you, just as I can do it.. so can you. I will write a blog in the following months to give advice and tips on how to do this.


Elona woods










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We were all born with Wisdom

A poem by Elona Woods  We were all born with wisdom; we were all born with grace, In a beautiful time a magical place, The roads we have travelled as women alike,The lessons we learn as we have taken this hike,

Some choose career paths, some happy at home,

Some go through life thinking, where do I belong?
We walk our paths blinded not sure where to turn,
Settle for seconds not the passions that burn,
Deep within our souls igniting that fire,
Of inspirational futures we truly desire,
A mindset complacent of no better tomorrows,
Each day drags on when living life full of sorrows.
Some in relationships that are working no more,
That has left us so broken, right down to the core,
Others unhappy for various reasons,
But we still stand there stuck; we don’t change like the seasons.
No situation ever stays the same,
So come back into your power no ones to blame,
Life keeps on moving we want different things,
Our spirits much stronger than what the mundane life brings,
Awaken your soul, born with ageless knowing
Remember who you are you will feel yourself growing
When the shoe no longer fits it cannot be forced,
So don’t regret what you have done, do not live with remorse,
Regret what you have not because today is a gift,
With plentiful bounties if within you can shift,
The way that you view life, that’s when it starts to change
When you see problems differently, things don’t look the same
You live your life forwards, but learn in reverse,
So if it all goes wrong, it’s a lesson don’t curse,
Mistakes here to teach, to lead to better roads,
So do whatever it takes to lighten heavy loads,
When you start to listen to the small voice that’s within,
Life will no longer seem so dark or so dim
You will be guided to what is right for you,
When you follow your heart abundance follows through
So look around you right now, there is so much beauty,
We are alive once again; we are blessed new duties,
Of being a mother and raising our future,
But don’t forget the inner child you must also nurture,
Whatever it is that you must do today,
Do it with love, better than yesterday,
Love the only answer; it’s what makes the world turn,
So don’t ever fall short for the things that you yearn
I was one before who looked externally,
But everything I needed was right here inside of me.

Beginners guide to Psychic Readings

Maybe this is your first time having a Psychic Telephone reading and you would like to know a few things about your future or gain clarification around present issues. Hopefully this short guide will help you get the best from your Psychic Reading. Also keep an open mind and remember the whole point of a good reading is to give you some direction for the future. Good Psychic Readers have the ability to predict “outcomes” or things yet to happen, even if it doesn’t make sense to you right now take on board what you are given and watch for the outcome to manifest.

It’s a good idea to have a pen and paper handy to jot down points that are important to you. Don’t feel pressured into agreeing with anything you feel is off the mark, Psychics are only human after all and can make mistakes or read things slightly wrong, we are not perfect. A solid “no” is as important as a “yes” as it enables the psychic to dig deeper and refine or question what they are receiving.

Before you begin the reading have a clear idea of any questions you want to ask the Psychic, don’t give false information to test the psychic, this will only get in the way of the energy flow. If you want to focus on a specific concern then tell the Psychic at the outset, an example would be “I would like to focus on my Love life” or if you want a general reading just ask for that. Most Psychics will ask you at the outset if you want a general Psychic Reading or would like to zoom in on a particular issue.

Often psychics will deliver information quite quickly as they are aware that you are paying for the time premium rate, if you need to, ask the Psychic to slow down a little to enable you to process the information correctly. There are different types of Psychics, some are Clairvoyant (they see)  some Clairaudient (the hear) and some have Clairsentience (they feel). Some use different divination tools such as the Tarot or Crystal Ball, be sure to check the profiles of each Psychic Reader as this will give you a good idea of their abilitiy and gifts. Set aside the time for your reading and ensure there are no distractions, it’s often best to be in a room on your own for your reading. Above all enjoy your reading and the whole Psychic experience.

copyright 2010 Paul The Seer