Cord Removal

When we exchange energy with another person we create psychic cords with them. Here are a few examples of how they are connected;
Through sexual exchange we create them between our heart and sacral chakra.
When we are born as babies we create cords with our mothers through our root chakra in order to feel safe and grounded.
When I worked for someone I once created cords with my boss in fear of losing my job and being left financially defunct. Even though the relationship was not balanced I was giving my energy away without realising that I was losing energy through fear of being left with nothing. Because I was so connected to them they mistreated me and undervalued me and I allowed it to happen until I took my power back and learnt to value myself.
Unhealthy cords drain your energy deeply. Have you ever separated from someone you had a sexual relationship with, felt amazing as you have made the decision to be free and then all of a sudden you feel sad, angry or depressed just like that. Without even knowing where this came from? Well when the cords are still connected they send their energy directly through to you through these cords and you receive them.
Have you ever missed someone so deeply and wondered what they were thinking? Then randomly a beautiful love song springs to mind and the words either explain your situation or touch your soul? Well that’s them sending them to you.
Also when you leave a toxic relationship most of us will say “I will never love another like that again. Remember words are like spells hence the word spelling was born. Then the universe will send in another with a different face and name but very similar energy as you created through words more of what you do not want. Until you disconnect cords with the first person that really hurt you, you normally meet clones of who you do not want until you either disconnect and change your mindset or until you learn the lesson.
A child also can really connect with their mother and the root chakra cord will dissolve around between the age of 5-7.
Ever wondered why some children that came from privileged backgrounds when they get older are able to create amazing lifestyles or hold onto the energy? Do you think this is just because their parents had money? No the parents are tapped into an energy flow that creates abundance and the children grow up in this mindset and are able to maintain it. I myself grew up on a Council estate and thought this to be ok until I disconnected cords from my mothers chakras and ways that she thought to be correct to create an amAzing relationship with her losing resentment of lessons that she had to learn through me being the channel to teach her. As parents we all make mistakes and my mother no different. But she always stated you must work hard to have a nice life, her favourite saying was money doesn’t grow on trees. I always viewed financial stability to be something that had to be worked really really hard for. So I disconnected cords from her to change my mindset to what I wanted it to be rather than her teachings that as a child I was forced into.
My relationships with everyone I have disconnected from now are either tolerable if it ended badly because through disconnection I was able to forgive then for hurting me and forgive myself for allowing them to hurt me. I now know that you learn most from pain, so I am grateful to all those who have hurt me as life was the lesson and they are my greatest teachers. Their darkness showed me exactly who I am not.
In a nutshell these cords can drain your energy, dump others people’s pain, pictures emotions and so much more for you to process… This in turn can control you in many ways through guilt,, subconscious messages, intimidation, create fear of losing pictures in your energy field. This keeps you stuck on a low self-worth mind-set or having to earn love through unhealthy sacrifice.
How do you know you have still cords connected? When you find yourself in the presence of a parent or partner who makes you feel drained as soon as you think about them or in their presence, this is the strongest indication you will get.
Some have been taught to cut cords but unless they are removed gently (as ripping them out can cause etheric scaring) they can return.
My method is filling you whole energy field with earths energy and energy from the sun using direct cord connection that I ask you to visualize and I then remove the cords using roses and sealing the energy point so that the energy you are disconnecting from cannot reconnect again. When you cut cords they can reconnect. You can then form new cords. Even if you are removing cords from someone you love but only want the dysfunctional parts removed to maintain a stronger relationship this works too.
I enjoy doing this for people and when I first did it on myself with someone I had no contact with in over 8 months contacted me within two hours of removal to ask me if all was well with me! I took my energy back and gave them back their own and they felt the shift immediately. I was no longer fuelling them from my energy field. This person was definitely a soul mate but we were at different stages and I let them go in love and light. We still speak from time to time but those uncomfortable feelings have now gone.
Let me help you to restore your energy and feel amazing… For more information contact me on email address xx

Namaste Elona xx


Elona woods is an international Psychic from the UK. Elona works full time from London and online. Travelling to clients worldwide and also holding psychic parties. This blog is to showcase and offer some of the best Psychics & Mediums that Elona has come across in the last few years. Being an extreme empath Elona understands her journey is in to service to others. Let her and her team help you.

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