How do Psychic Mediums Work?

All psychics work in different ways. Some are readers of tarot, or use oracle cards. Oracle cards are Angel cards, divination cards , medicine and healing cards. There are many different types. Some close their eyes and see what their minds eye tells them. Runes are read. There is no right or wrong way.

I will tell you how I work. I tune in to the universal energy by which we are all connected by. It’s a subtle gentle frequency. My way to describe it is there is a natural mystical field we are all connected, the threads of the universe and if you can tune into this frequency you can hear more than our material ears. When I do a telephone reading I listen to the persons voice and I am able to tune in with tones, mannerisms of speaking, the energy they omit. I can pick up how they feel because my heart opens up to be able to feel their frequency through love. Through this I can then determine how to present information to the person in question. We do not all think the same. Some like information presented in a blunt manner, others are softer and you can still tell them things but you just have to choose your words in a way that they can digest things. During a reading spirit of deceased loved ones or guides will sometimes come through without being promoted and give me messages for their loved one. This all depends on how relaxed, open and spiritually open a person in. I can read for really open or closed people. I use tarot and divination cards. I tell you what I see and what you do with that information is down to you. I will never tell you which way to go because what may work for me, or others may not work for you. Your reading is unique to you and I am here to help you understand your choices, where and how you can move forward. From being able to tune into your frequency I can the pick up others that are within your energy field, whether it be a family member, work colleague, relationship question or anything that really is aligned with your frequency. I am able to tell you what they are thinking or feeling at this present moment, where they are in life and where you fit into these plans. From tuning into their frequency I am then able to feel who is in their frequency and so forth, this is when I can pick up infidelity or a potential proposal. If a company wants to make someone redundant, or offer a promotion and any other life frequency. It’s a perpetual ability of fine tuning.
Why can I do this? One day we come to realise we are all connected and I talk to you as another part of me as we are not separate we just look different. We are all connected to source. When I see someone to do a face to face reading I use the same techniques but I also look at the palms and see what their hands say. If I feel there are negative cords that block the person moving forward I will remove these. I can teach those I do telephone readings for how to do this if I feel a blockage. Every reading presents information that comes to me that my guides show me to share with you. You can ask as many questions as you choose to. I pull a general reading to find out where you are, where you have been, potentially where you are going. The beauty about it all is you are the master of your ship, so if hear something that has the opportunity to come up in the future that you do not like. YOU have the power to change it. Psychic readings are there as a guide and all a good psychic reader wants to do is help you. We They will never tell you what to do.
We are here to help you 🙏



Elona woods is an International Psychic Medium, Astrologer, Homeopath, and has other services like energy grounding kits, energy clearing sprays, flower essences, Bio communication scans, Aura Reports and is from the UK. Elona works full time from London/ Reading and online. Travelling to clients worldwide and also holding/speaking at conferences and holding workshops . Being an extreme empath Elona understands her journey is in to service to others. Will always work from her heart, in order to aid you. My mission is to help you take back control of your most beautiful gift. Your life.

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