Messages and signs from heaven

Have you ever gone to bed and woken up the day after or 4am crazy hour after having dreamt about your passed over mum, dad, brother, sister, grandparents etc. As a comfort to you, when we sleep our spirit leaves our bodies and goes on its own little adventures. Our loved ones who miss us deeply too, come to meet us. We receive hugs, messages, kisses and even them letting us know they have arrived safely over to the side. They come to us sometimes at our lowest points to tell us to stand up, do not give up and other encouraging messages. I have also found that small children can still see them and hear them. They receive messages, have the tendency to misbehave as granddad knows what will annoy you and get them to do that one thing. Look out for smells of them, cold spots by your legs and body, pets playing with no one, babies smiling and cooing to no one, feathers and pennies from them left in random places and your guardian angels. Things moved around the home and hidden from you. Doors closing. Songs that remind you of them just suddenly playing in your head. Gone crazy television channels that keep flicking. Another  time is Near death experience. I knew a victim of a car crash whose already deceased mum told him to wait for the ambulance and she would await his arrival at the hospital, when he came around he asked for his mum and my family and I him to tell him she had passed over. He cried at the comfort of knowing in his hour of need she had never left him. We cried because we were not  there at the  time of the accident, grateful that she was and her confirmation of life after death.  If your nervous as to whether its them or  you think it may be them but a bit scared, always ask ” if you are not of the light I ask that you leave now and so it is” say this three times and if its not light energy then whatever was there will leave . Try not be scared of loved ones, remember they miss you too. Its such a  joy for me passing messages on from them to you, just as I can do it.. so can you. I will write a blog in the following months to give advice and tips on how to do this.


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Elona woods is an international Psychic from the UK. Elona works full time from London and online. Travelling to clients worldwide and also holding psychic parties. This blog is to showcase and offer some of the best Psychics & Mediums that Elona has come across in the last few years. Being an extreme empath Elona understands her journey is in to service to others. Let her and her team help you.

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