Awakening from sleep

Sat in a solitary space I start to journey in my mind and I am shown an army general very good-looking, white Caucasian male I was in a plane that had a red circle with a white circle around the red one. I then see a scene of the void it’s like space filled with love and in the third scene was myself going through a tunnel. I then get taken back to the first scene and a familiarity dawned on me and I realised I was that fighter pilot and then he gets shot down and ‘dies’ the spirit of this soldier goes into the next scene of the void has a cleansing in loving white energy and then I almost immediately go through the tunnel in the third scene and the tunnel is actually the birthing canal of my mother and there I was as a new-born baby.
I am then shown images of me before I am now pre life as this great amazing spirit. Then Shown as I am as the same spirit in my current body going through life with great days, sad days, turmoil, need to do this, got to do that, kids, gym the list goes on.
I was shown images of me what I would be like in death and the image was the same an amazing spirit, full of love and light and capable of anything of the pre life image.
I am almost guided by this universal voice that says to me “Elona, you have spent many life times here, going through the same cycle, birth, death, rebirth. This is your last incarnation. You do not need to do anymore research, read any more books because all that you are seeking lays deep within you and if you are present enough you will realise you are already here. The easiest way to live life is to observe thoughts and do not participate in them. Add emotional energy to the thoughts you like and create in that space. The thoughts you do not like let them flow through like a bus you do not need to catch. Live in appreciation and gratitude, expect amazing things to happen and love with all your heart” I then feel like a sense of dying a great deep feeling of it just showered over me. I had reached this point in other meditations and my fear of death petrified me. I was tired of being scared, it was blocking me so I lay there faced with the feeling and something inside had had enough and that all-knowing voice came back and said “surrender” I just knew I had to surrender every material thing I held on to. My body, my kids, my life, my everything and I tried to resist this, tried to deny it. My conscious awareness of being a human would not allow me to let go but I was no longer in control and then being in so much dis-comfort I said ok “I surrender” In this moment I was physically sick and I lay down straight after I watched my spine open, all of my chakras become unblocked shining vibrantly loads of codes looked like they were being downloaded onto my spine and then I was fully connected with the all that is. I was floating above my body looking down at myself. I cannot describe in words how that felt because you have to feel it to know, does this resonate with you? Would you not love to know how this feels…. all I can say is I just knew what this was and I just felt this awakening was that something died inside of me but something new was reborn. The love and enormity of my spirit was unconditional. This feeling doesn’t see problems only lessons, we were born to resonate with negativity rather than unconditional love. No problem was bigger than this frequency of this feeling of sure knowing. The feeling of vibrating with something that was bigger than all of us but we are always connected to gave me great comfort in understanding that my father was completely safe when he crossed over, that even though his physical body was no longer present his spirit will always be there as energy never dies. Since then I have had a really deep flu but my body feels changed, I feel different, negativity cannot sit within me because there is no space for it. I feel light, I love myself more, my body is my beautiful vehicle that carries my soul. I cannot eat meat or fish. My frequency cannot stomach the thought of eating something that was living, and most slaughters are done in a such barbaric way. I can feel and sense that pain I don’t want that energy in my body. I love them too, they the animals are part of this journey and we treat them so badly. As I write this I’m sending healing energy to all the animals being slaughtered. I love you. I look at another and realise the person I view is an extension of the all that is, we are all part of that so that person is another version of me, you, him and her… we are all part of a universal thread…. we are all one. The plant kingdom and the sea world my love extends there too. If I have learnt anything from this experience, I always thought that the one thing that is promised in life “death” was a curse. When you are faced with your biggest fear and you face it, you realise birth is the start of a journey, life is a lesson and death is actually a gift of going home fully reconnecting with all that you already are. It’s like ridding the soul of a really tight sock and just being free from everything that we call reality. We mourn the body maybe selfishly because we love those who have crossed over so deeply, but just as we will never stop loving them, they will never stop loving us and if you can go deep enough you will realise they live on through you always.
Now In this state of mind my journey will continue with Gaia and how I love you Mother Earth. The heavens being my father all that lives in this dimension my brothers and sisters. How I love you all.


Elona woods is an international Psychic from the UK. Elona works full time from London and online. Travelling to clients worldwide and also holding psychic parties. This blog is to showcase and offer some of the best Psychics & Mediums that Elona has come across in the last few years. Being an extreme empath Elona understands her journey is in to service to others. Let her and her team help you.

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