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Flower Essence Pre-Mixed Blend


Many people have asked for flower essences as part of a transformative healing option enabling them to push forward.

Flower essences have been used for thousands of years by many ancient cultures such as the Australian Aboriginals, Egyptians, Asia, South America and Europe.  It was recorded that flowers when prepared help us work on the parts of ourselves that are currently out of alignment.

We may find ourselves stuck in areas such as: lack mentality, lack of direction, unenthusiastic.

One may also feel the following: stress, anxiety, rejection, depression, anger, fear, guilt, shame, broken hearted, obsessive thoughts, and exhaustion. For many people on a spiritual journey, flower essences can help protect the auric field, protect us from psychic attack, align us with our highest life purpose, help us to stop repeating limiting patterns. This is a very limited list of what can be done. Please refer to the list to understand the enormity of what can be treated.

How do flower essences actually work?

Flower essences work on the person vibrationally, transforming negative/stuck, mental/emotional pictures, to a more positive healthy and happy expression. Working on the parts of our psyche that we are unable to see transforming us to the best versions of ourselves.

Flower essences listed from 1-66 are individual vibrational essences that can be mixed and matched personally for you based on your current needs. For your custom-made flower essence please choose 5 flower essences from the list which I will mix together for you in a 30ml bottle.  The cost of £10 + postage and packaging. Please display in the payment page your selection.

Flower essences listed in the premixed section are popular blends that are already mixed and deal with a range of mental emotional issues for the cost of £10.95 + postage and packaging.

How do I take my flower essences?

Once received please take 7 drops under the tongue in the morning and evening until the bottle is finished.

Happy Healing beautiful people.

Product Description

The Following are blends within themselves so cannot be mixed with any of the above and are powerful in their own right.

  1. Abund
    Negative Condition – Pessimistic, Closed to receiving, Fear of Lack, Poverty Consciousness

    Positive Condition – Joyful Sharing, belief in abundance, clears sabotage, universal trust

  2.  Adol
    Negative Condition – Troubled Teenager or Parent

    Positive Condition – May help address major teenage issues, encouraging self-acceptance, stability and optimism

  3.  Calm and clear
    Negative Condition – Always over committed, no time for self, always last priority

    Positive Condition – Encourages own time and space, healthy contemplation & relaxation

  4.  Cognis
    Negative Condition – Daydreaming, poor memory, overwhelm, procrastination, poor concentration, dyslexia, confusion

    Positive Condition – Assimilates ideas, clarity and focus, communication, improved speaking/reading skills, balances right and left brain hemispheres, accessing past knowledge

  5.  Confid
    Negative Condition – Low self-esteem, guilt, shyness, insecure, anxiety, lack of conviction, victim mentality

    Positive Condition – Taking responsibility for ones life, confidence, integrity, true to ones self, outgoing, personal power, self-love

  6.  Creative
    Negative Condition – Creative blocks and inhibitions

    Positive Condition – Enhances singing, creative expression, clarity of voice, public speaking

  7.  Dynamis
    Negative Condition – Sluggishness, exhaustion, heaviness, tiredness, daily stress, burnout, temporary loss of drive, feeling flat

    Positive Condition – Enthusiasm, abundant energy , joy for life, centred, balances thyroid, harmonises vital forces, regulates adrenals

  8.  Electro
    Negative Condition – Feeling drained and flat, out of balance with earth rhythms

    Positive Condition – Reduces emotional effects of radiation

  9.  Emergency
    Negative Condition – Accidents, pain, fear, physical injury, severe mental stress, trauma, terror, shock and pain, pre exam nerves

    Positive Condition – Courage, faith, ability to cope, calming

  10. Meditation
    Negative Condition – Psychic attack, damaged aura, tense and uptight, psychically drained

    Positive Condition – Inner-guidance, enhanced intuition, awakened spirituality, access to higher self, psychic protection and deeper meditation

  11.  Purifying
    Negative Condition – Emotional waste, feeling encumbered, emotional baggage

    Positive Condition – Sense of release and relief, spring cleaned

  12.  Relationship
    Negative Condition – Resentment, confusion, emotional pain and turmoil, blocked emotions, inability to relate

    Positive Condition – Expression of feelings, improves communication, forgiveness, breaks down family conditioning, renewed interest

  13.  Sexuality
    Negative Condition – Effects of sexual abuse, shame, uptight about sexuality, fear of intimacy

    Positive Condition – Renews Passion, Sensuality, Enjoy touch and intimacy, Playfulness, Fulfilment

  14.  Solaris
    Negative Condition – Emotional fear and distress associated with heat, fire and sun

    Positive Condition – Greatly relieves emotional effects of heat, fire and sun

  15.  Transition
    Negative Condition – Feeling stuck, lack of direction, fear of death, fear of unknown, non-acceptance

    Positive Condition – Acceptance of change, serenity, eases fear of death, passing over in peace

  16.  Travel
    Negative Condition – Disorientation, personally depleted and drained, emotional effects of travel

    Positive Condition – Refreshes, centres, maintains sense of personal space

  17.  Woman
    Negative Condition – Mood Swings, weary, physical dislike

    Positive Condition – Female Balance, calms and stabilises


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