Soul mate connections…. A twist of fate in love






You meet that one person, where you are not meant to be,
Or was it a case of synchronicity?
First kiss touches your soul, sets something free,
Shows you how love can flow effortlessly,
Then it all goes wrong was not meant to be,
A clashing of egos, it’s now I and not we,
Your friends say leave her, you are too good for she,
You saw something in her, she or they couldn’t see,
Full moons and seasons pass dutifully,
One day you find out she met a new he,
In a twist of fate the love runs through them so deeply,
She found that side you saw, amazingly,
You are glad she is settled but at first selfishly,
Wish you were her one, soul mates, destiny
Then you realise the universe will send in for thee,
Your one who will love you unconditionally.


Elona woods is an international Psychic from the UK. Elona works full time from London and online. Travelling to clients worldwide and also holding psychic parties. This blog is to showcase and offer some of the best Psychics & Mediums that Elona has come across in the last few years. Being an extreme empath Elona understands her journey is in to service to others. Let her and her team help you.

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