Time to fly and Live your dream…

imageWhen your heart is no longer in a job, career, relationship, friendship, etc this is the start of your angels helping you find another way, some will stand by the cliff edge and they will make excuses, I should be grateful, there are others worse off than me, and so forth. They stay to exist, to pay the bills, if I leave them it will destroy them, even though by staying I destroy myself. Then one random day the universe pulls the carpet from under you and you are forced to make change, normally painfully. Deep down you knew it was coming and the outcome normally always ends up better than expected. The brave knew to surrender and even though they were scared of the unknown they closed their eyes and just believed… walked off the cliff edge and were taught how to fly.. Take a chance


Elona woods is an international Psychic from the UK. Elona works full time from London and online. Travelling to clients worldwide and also holding psychic parties. This blog is to showcase and offer some of the best Psychics & Mediums that Elona has come across in the last few years. Being an extreme empath Elona understands her journey is in to service to others. Let her and her team help you.

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