Which religion is best?

Which religion is really the best?
Let’s put them all to the test
But wait a minute is this the most important thing?
When on this earth we are all living
We can’t do without her Mother Earth
Which we have all been nourished since our birth
She gives us sustenance food and shelter
Look at the hands we have all dealt her
We need her more than she needs us
But the way we are heading it will turn to dust
Tectonic plates moving just look at Nepal
Those blessed souls taken in the earth quakes great toll
The greed that runs throughout the planet
We treat the famous as Gods no doubt about it
But if we ground ourselves into her core
Which is a crystal where great loved is stored
Send loving thoughts down to the 1st dimension
We will restore much balance I will gladly mention
If we send a cord to the galactic sun
As above so below we will all be one
Let’s reevaluate what’s of importance
Rather which religion is best in a world of distortion
There’s nothing wrong with deep beliefs
As long as we give Gaia some relief
By lovingly coming together
Then we can live on the planet forever
Become one with the all that is
Living in eternal bliss
If we continue to show great disrespect
Then what can we all really expect?
Imagine being her and being treated badly
You rid yourself of the ill and do it gladly
Just sit and know she is in deep pain
We can all make her whole again
If we are one with all then we are one with her
The love that you send out will be lovingly returned

Help save our planet I love you Gaia namaste


Elona woods is an international Psychic from the UK. Elona works full time from London and online. Travelling to clients worldwide and also holding psychic parties. This blog is to showcase and offer some of the best Psychics & Mediums that Elona has come across in the last few years. Being an extreme empath Elona understands her journey is in to service to others. Let her and her team help you.

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